EFE to discuss the future of journalism at the World Media Congress

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) Vice President Dorthe Bjerregaard-Knudsen. EFE/Image courtesy of the organization

Madrid (EFE).- Spanish News Agency EFE will attend the World News Media Congress, organized by the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), which will take place in Zaragoza from September 28-30 to analyze and discuss the future of journalism. Recent events in Europe have put the spotlight on fresh challenges news publishers are facing which … Read more

The Japanese band making ‘electromagnetic punk’ with obsolete devices

Tokyo, Sep 5 (EFE).- Japanese art collective Electronicos Fantasticos! is using obsolete devices like fans, old television monitors and lamps to create music. Techno beats and rock boom out of the speakers in a concert hall as the artists, led by musician Ei Wada, perform with DIY instruments like cathode ray screens attached to guitar … Read more

Arab pop: a universal language

Doha, Sep 10 (EFE).- Singers who want to make it in the Arab pop world, which boasts a huge audience, use an Egyptian colloquial dialect known as Masri which has become the go-to language when it comes to popular culture in the Middle East. Cairo has long been a cultural hub in the region and … Read more

The snake hunters of Bangkok

By Nayara Batschke Bangkok, Sep 9 (EFE).- Every 15 minutes, Bangkok’s “snake hunters” get an emergency call to respond to surprise serpent-human encounters in the Thai capital. The frequency of these interactions increases during the rainy season in the southeast Asian country, where about 60,000 of these animals are captured every year. Between June and … Read more