The picture of American actress Pamela Anderson that appeared on the PETA campaign billboard at New Delhi airport before being taken down by the authorities. EFE/PETA

‘Too Hot’ Pamela Anderson billboard for G20 leaders taken off ahead of summit

New Delhi, Sep 6 (EFE) .- A billboard of Pamela Anderson dressed only in a white t-shirt at New Delhi airport, put up by the nonprofit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to alert G20 leaders about global warming, was suddenly removed before the arrival of the delegates.

The billboard shows the iconic American actress with the message “TOO HOT? Blame the meat industry for the climate catastrophe. G20: GO VEGAN!”

The poster was put up at the Indira Gandhi International Airport where leaders of the G20 economies are set to land for the summit, scheduled for Sep 9-11, before being taken down.

“The billboard, which was part of other actions by PETA India urging G20 leaders to fight climate change by encouraging vegan eating in their countries, was erected this week, but was promptly removed. PETA India is awaiting an official explanation for this removal,” Kiran Ahuja of PETA India told EFE.

“If G20 leaders and those who attend other climate related conferences like COP27 continue to put the interests of the meat, egg and dairy industries above those of the public, we can expect worse weather, a worsening antibiotic resistance crisis and more pandemics and epidemics,” Ahuja added.

By this move, PETA was seeking to draw attention “to the role of animal agriculture in the global climate catastrophe, marked by high temperatures, droughts, and floods, among other disasters” and advocate going vegan as the answer, according to a statement by the nonprofit.

Anderson has on several occasions in the past appeared in campaigns promoting veganism for PETA and served as their ambassador. EFE