A pedestrian passes a shop specialising in embroidery in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, south China 29 November 2012. Chaozhou is home of one of EPA/ADRIAN BRADSHAW

Knife attack at China kindergarten kills at least 6

Beijing, July 10 (EFE).- At least six people were killed in China’s southeastern Guangdong province when a knife-wielding man attacked a kindergarten on Monday, the local media said.

The Paper, citing residents, said a suspect entered a kindergarten with a knife and stabbed a child and two adults at the school entrance before storming in.

A police statement identified the suspect as a 25-year-old man surnamed Wu, a resident of the Lianjiang county where the incident occurred.

The police described the attack as an “intentional assault” by the man taken into custody now.

Authorities did not reveal the age or identity of the victims, even as some local media outlets suggest that children may be among the deceased.

Some reports said the victims include a teacher, two parents, and three minors.

China is known for a relatively low rate of violent crime, but it has seen a spate of knife attacks in recent years, including on childcare facilities and schools, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries.

An attack at a nursery in the Jiangxi province in August last year claimed three lives.

In April 2021, a man killed two people and injured 16 others at a kindergarten in the southern Guangxi region.

In 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Education issued a circular urging all schools to enhance security to prevent potential attackers from gaining access to the premises.

Chinese media often call these attacks “acts of revenge against society.” EFE