Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivering a video address before the United Nations in New York, USA, 21 September 2022. EFE/EPA/FILE/Peter Foley

Zelenskyy issues warning to corrupt judges, lawmakers, military commissars

Kyiv, Jul 26 (EFE).- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in an address overnight, lashed out against corruption among politicians, judges and military commissars and issued a stern warning against those undermining the country’s interests from within amid the war with Russia.

“No one will forgive MPs, judges, ‘military commissars’ or any other officials for putting themselves in opposition to the state” by abusing their position, said Zelenskyy.

“For some, it’s about islands and resorts during the war, for others it’s about lining one’s pockets in the military enlistment office, for others it’s about bribes in the courts. For any public official, this is a betrayal of state principles, a betrayal of the interests of society,” he added.

Zelenskyy directly appealed to the parliamentarians and other Ukrainian public officials to work for the “interests of the state.”

“Any internal betrayal, any ‘beach’ or any personal enrichment instead of Ukraine’s interests triggers fury at the very least,” the president warned.

The head of state also called on the parliamentarians to urgently adopt all necessary laws for Ukraine to advance on the path of European integration.

Moreover, he said he received the “preliminary results” of an inspection of the military commissars in charge of recruiting for the army.

“And the results are disappointing,” Zelenskyy said, promising actions by the law enforcement in this regard.

Zelenskyy’s anti-corruption speech comes after the former head of military recruitment in the Odessa region was arrested earlier this week on charges of illicit enrichment, after it was discovered that during the war he had bought luxury properties in Marbella in southern Spain. EFE