File photo of Real Madrid players during a training session at Real Madrid's Sports Complex in Valdebebas, Madrid. EFE/Rodrigo Jiménez

Second victim comes forward in sex video case involving Real Madrid youth players

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, Sept 18 (EFE).- The case involving four players from the youth division of Real Madrid soccer club in the alleged unauthorized distribution of a video with sexual content has two potential victims, according to the High Court of Justice of the Canary Islands.

A court in the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco, opened proceedings after the Guardia Civil handed over the report of its investigation, which led to the arrest last week of three players from Castilla and Real Madrid’s C division at the Valdebebas Sports Complex in Madrid and the indictment of a fourth, all for the crime of disclosing secrets.

The arrests were made after a woman in Gran Canaria denounced that a video of her daughter, a 16-year-old teenager, having a sexual encounter with a player of the youth categories of Real Madrid had been disseminated through Whatsapp.

The sexual relationship was consensual, but the victim did not authorize the recording, and much less the distribution of the video from mobile phone to mobile phone, according to the version of the complainant.

The Supreme Court said on Monday that there are “two alleged victims”. Sources close to the case have told EFE that there is a second woman who was also affected by the images.

The court’s first decision was to download all the contents of the four cell phones confiscated from the defendants by the Guardia Civil. In addition, the judge wants to hear the testimony of the two women affected by these images.

Then, the court adds, “it is foreseeable that the defendants will be summoned” to testify for “crimes against privacy.”EFE