The candidate for the opposition primary elections on October 22, 2023, Carlos Prosperi, speaks on October 17, 2023 during a press conference, today, in Caracas (Venezuela). EFE/ Rayner Peña R.

Opposition party requests postponement of Sunday’s primaries in Venezuela

Caracas, Oct. 20 (EFE) – The anti-Chavista Democratic Action (AD) Party, on Friday, asked the National Electoral Commission (CNP) of Venezuela to postpone the internal elections that the opposition plans to hold on Sunday due to alleged irregularities that “make them impossible,” the political movement said.

The party, which supports candidate Carlos Prosperi, said in a statement, “We ask the CNP to take responsibility for the difficulties and to postpone and reconsider the October 22 elections until the necessary corrective measures guarantee Venezuelans a truly broad, organized and transparent process.”

The formation denounced that “less than 36 hours before the election, the serious irregularities” that it has reported in recent weeks remain unresolved, including that “members and witnesses of the electoral board are still without accreditation”.

AD also criticized “the concentration and relocation of polling stations”, which it said “aggravates the lack of knowledge of voters about the location of polling stations and jeopardizes the broad participation of all sectors of the country”.

“At this time, we have been informed of the disproportionate allocation of table members in favor of a particular trend (…) 14,941 members have been allocated to the organization Vente Venezuela (led by former deputy María Corina Machado, the favorite of the dispute), while 6,998 to AD”, continues the letter.

Democratic Action also criticized that, until tonight, the electoral material “has not been distributed in the majority of the states of the country.”

It assures, the CNP will deliver these tools on Sunday morning, “which makes it impossible to carry out an effective distribution and the election on the same day,” insists AD.

AD supports Prosperi, the second candidate with the best chance of winning the primary, according to polls.

The surveys give Machado a large lead, despite the fact that she was disqualified by the Comptroller General’s Office from holding elected office until 2030.

After the withdrawal of three candidates in recent days, there will be 10 candidates competing in the primaries, which will determine the flag-bearer of anti-Chavismo for the presidential elections in the second half of 2024. EFE hp/mcd