Iraqi Minister of Defense Thabit Muhammad Al-Abbasi (C) attends a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (not pictured) inside the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, USA, 07 August 2023. EFE/EPA/FILE/JIM LO SCALZO

Iraq condemns attacks on its military bases housing US forces

Baghdad, Oct 23 (EFE).- Iraqi government on Monday strongly denounced recent attacks on its military bases hosting US-led coalition forces and has ordered its security forces to take action against those responsible.

Following the recent conflict between Israel and the militant group Hamas in Palestine, there has been a significant uptick in rocket and drone strikes over the past two weeks targeting Iraqi military bases, particular those housing US and other international coalition forces.

“The attacks that target Iraqi bases that house advisers from the international coalition in Iraq are unacceptable,” Yehia Rasool, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Prime Minister, said in a statement.

Rasool insisted that international forces were present in Iraq at the invitation and agreement of the government to support, train, and advise the country’s security forces.

“Therefore, the security and the safety of these facilities are a redline. Breaches to the security and safety cannot be tolerated,” the spokesperson added.

In response to these attacks, Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani has instructed all security forces to intensify security measures in order to prevent further assaults on coalition forces.

“The Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces (Al-Sudani) directed all the security services to carry out their duties, enforce the law, pursue the elements responsible for these attacks, and maintain the security and stability,” the spokesperson noted.

As a result of these recent attacks, the US embassy in Iraq announced on Sunday that it has ordered the departure of non-emergency mission personnel “due to the increased security threats against U.S. government personnel and interests” in Iraq.

In the aftermath of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Shia militia groups, which are allegedly backed by Iran, have resumed their drone and rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a Shiite militia organization, has claimed responsibility for most of these attacks, including the one carried out on Sunday against the Ain al Asad base in western Iraq, which houses US forces. EFE