Palestinians walk among the rubble of destroyed buildings following Israeli air strikes in Gaza City, 27 October 2023. EFE/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

UN unable to update information on Gaza due to communications blackout

Geneva, Oct 29 (EFE).- The United Nations said Sunday it has barely been able to receive new data on the situation inside Gaza due to the complete telecommunications blackout over the last two days, which has also hindered the humanitarian efforts in the enclave.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs daily report on the conflict has cut its length by more than half and has been forced to focus its updates on the West Bank, due to a lack of links to Gaza.

The UN stressed that the little information available indicated that in the last 24 hours, Gaza suffered the most intense aerial and artillery bombardments since the outbreak of hostilities between Palestinian armed groups and Israeli army.

The death toll in those 24 hours, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, amounted to at least 377, including 157 children, bringing the total fatalities in Gaza from 7,703 – two thirds of them women and children -, since the conflict began on Oct.7.

The UN has recorded 1.4 million internally displaced persons in Gaza due to the conflict, about two thirds of the total population in the territory. EFE