Russia intercepts six Ukrainian drones over Crimea, Black Sea

Moscow, Nov 2 (EFE).- The Russian defense ministry said on Thursday its anti-aircraft system intercepted five Ukrainian drones over the annexed Crimean peninsula and destroyed a sixth drone over the Black Sea.

The ministry’s statement, published on its Telegram channel, said Russian forces had thwarted “an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack using six fixed-wing drones against infrastructure within the Russian Federation.”

According to the ministry, one of the drones was destroyed over the Black Sea, while the other five were intercepted over the Crimean territories. The statement, however, did not provide details about whether the drones caused any human or material losses.

Ukraine claimed to have repelled dozens of Russian attacks in the past 24 hours as Russian troops regrouped in Avdivka, in the eastern Donetsk province. The Ukrainian military reported that Russia’s attempts to advance had been unsuccessful.

Furthermore, the US Institute for the Study of War and the Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies reported modest Russian advances near Kupiansk and Avdivka.

Both organizations anticipated a new wave of attacks by Russia in the Avdivka area after Russian forces completed their regrouping.

Throughout October, Russia launched several offensives on Avdivka, resulting in significant casualties and losses of military infrastructure, according to Kyiv. However, these offensives did not lead to substantial changes in the front line.

Valeri Zaluzhni, the head of the Ukrainian Army, recently stated in an article that the war has entered a new positional phase, making it difficult to anticipate movement along the line of contact. EFE