A file picture of buildings on a polluted day in Beijing, China. EFE/EPA/FILE/ROMAN PILIPEY

China reveals plan to reduce methane emissions

Beijing, Nov 8 (EFE).- China, the world’s biggest emitter of methane, unveiled Wednesday a plan to control its emission, but did not present any specific target in this regard.

China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment revealed its strategy was mainly focused on controlling methane emissions in sectors such as mining and agriculture.

According to the plan, China would establish a monitoring, accounting, reporting, and verification system for methane emissions, enhance legislation, standards, and economic incentive policies, and promote technological innovation and international cooperation in this regard.

However, the plan does not include a specific target for reducing methane emissions.

Methane is a potential greenhouse gas, and controlling its emissions could yield significant climate, economic, environmental, and safety benefits.

The plan recognizes several challenges in its implementation, including “the lack of a solid statistical and monitoring base, the insufficiency of the regulatory system and standards, and the need to improve technical capacity.”

As part of global efforts to combat climate change, the United States has long urged China to decarbonize its electricity sector, reduce methane emissions, and minimize deforestation.

The majority of China’s methane emissions stems from its use of coal to generate more than half of its electricity.

China is the world’s largest emitter of energy-related methane emissions, releasing approximately 28 million tons annually, followed by Russia (18 Mt) and the United States (17 Mt), according to the International Energy Agency. EFE