Peru’s Nazca lines were paths for prehistoric culture: Japanese researchers

An areal photograph of the Nazca lines in the Ica region of southern Peru. EFE/UNIVERSITY OF YAMAGATA/HANDOUT

By Edurne Morillo and Yoko Kaneko Tokyo, 16 Jan (EFE).- The mysteries shrouding Peru’s Nazca Lines have intrigued scientists for decades. Now, a group of Japanese researchers has developed a new theory that the geoglyphs etched into the ground served as paths and routes. The lines forged into myriad figures of animals and plants straddle … Read more

Protests, roadblocks resume in Peru’s political crisis

Protesters gather on a road in Cusipata, Cusco, Peru on January 4, 2021. EFE/ Aldair Mejía

Lima, Jan 5 (EFE).- Protesters have set up roadblocks on one of Peru’s most important highways in a second day of demonstrations against the government of the country’s new president Dina Boluarte.  Picket holders had gathered at sections of the Panamericana Sur highway in the department of Ica, located to the south of Lima, the … Read more