A picture made available on 10 April 2013 shows a Japan Coast Guard ship (C-L) sprays water on a Taiwan Coast guard ship (R) on 25 September 2012. EFE-EPA FILE/STR

1 dead, 6 missing in fishing boat capsize near Senkaku Islands

Tokyo, Mar 6 (EFE).- One person has died and another six are missing after a Taiwanese fishing boat sank in Japanese waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands, Japan’s coast guard said Monday.

An image released by Japan's Sakura Channel shows a Japanese flag placed by the Japanese far-right group Ganbare Nippon over a rocky area located in one of the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on 19 August, 2012 (issued on 20 August, 2012). EFE-EPA FILE/Str USE PROHIBITED IN CHINA AND JAPAN

The coast guard said it received information from the Maritime Self-Defense Force on Sunday about the capsized ship in waters near the islands, administered by Tokyo but claimed by Beijing, which calls them Diaoyu.

The fishing boat’s crew consisted of one Taiwanese and six Indonesians, according to the Japanese coast guard, which confirmed Monday the discovery of the body of one of the crew members on the boat.

Search and rescue tasks are underway to locate the remaining six crew members of the ship, which capsized some 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of the island of Ishigaki, in the southwestern Japanese archipelago of Okinawa.

The accident occurred at a time when 1.5 meter (some 5 feet) high waves and winds of about 29 kilometers per hour (18 miles per hour) were recorded in the area. EFE