A cow grazes near the plastic waste dumped inside a drain in Taimoor Nagar in New Delhi, India, 25 May 2023. EFE/EPA/EFE/RAJAT GUPTA

Police arrest owner of cow that attacked girl in India

New Delhi, Aug 11 (EFE).- The owner of a cow was arrested by the police after the animal brutally attacked a girl in a residential neighborhood in the southern Indian city of Chennai, the police said Friday.

The girl suffered serious injuries in an incident, which was captured by a security camera and went viral on the internet.

The man was accused of negligence and endangering citizens by allowing the potentially violent animal to roam the streets, a common sight in India, where cows are considered sacred by the Hindu majority.

The owner of the animal was arrested Thursday, a day after the security camera footage went viral on social media and was widely played on television channels, Prash Prabu of the Chennai police told EFE.

The nine-year-old girl was returning home, walking through a street in the afternoon, when suddenly a cow attacked her.

Incidents with stray animals, cow dogs, and monkeys occur frequently in India. In some cases, the protection of territories and food causes deadly attacks on people.

Attacks or violent incidents involving stray animals, usually cows, dogs and monkeys, are frequent in India.

At the same time, abandonment by humans and uncontrolled reproduction of these animals makes them victims of abuse and hunger.

Local governments, including Chennai, have imposed fines and penalties against livestock owners to try to control their presence on the roads and reduce the risks they pose to passers-by and drivers. EFE