A file photos show Israeli tourists leave the Egyptian resort of Taba on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt on Friday, 08 October 2004, after at bomb blast at the Hilton Hotel. EPA/KHALED EL-FIQI

Egyptian police officer kills 2 Israeli tourists

Cairo, Oct 8 (EFE).- An Egyptian police officer opened fire indiscriminately on a group of Israeli tourists in Alexandria on Sunday, resulting in the death of at least two and injuries to several others, security sources said.

Though the reason behind the fatal shooting was not known, it came amid an escalating conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians.

The police officer responsible for the attack has been apprehended, security sources told EFE, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The shooting took place in the Al Mansheya district of Alexandria, at Pompeo’s Column.

The police officer responsible for security of the area reportedly unleashed gunfire on the Israeli tourists without apparent cause.

Reports from local media outlets, such as Cairo24, suggest that an Egyptian person was also killed in the attack, while another sustained injuries.

The Egyptian government has not commented on the incident.

The act of violence against Israeli tourists is highly unusual in Egypt, a nation that attracts hordes of Israeli visitors, particularly to the Sinai Peninsula along its eastern border with Israel.

In a rare incident in June of the previous year, an Egyptian police officer managed to cross into Israeli territory and killed three Israeli soldiers before he was neutralized. The Israeli army admitted security lapses on the border.

The attack highlighted border security concerns and prompted Israeli authorities to acknowledge lapses in security.

However, the isolated nature of the incident did not lead to diplomatic tensions between Israel and Egypt. Leaders from both nations reaffirmed the importance of their bilateral ties in maintaining regional stability. EFE