The Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. logo is displayed at the company's booth during the Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong, China, 22 May 2019. EFE-EPA FILE/JEROME FAVRE

China says US intelligence agencies infiltrating tech giant Huawei’s servers since 2009

Beijing, Sep 20 (EFE).- China’s Ministry of State Security accused US intelligence agencies on Wednesday of infiltrating the servers of Chinese technology giant Huawei since 2009.

In an article posted on its official Wechat account, the ministry said that the Office of Tailored Access Operations of the United States’ National Security Agency began to infiltrate Huawei networks in 2009 in order to continuously monitor them.

The ministry, which did not give more details about the alleged infiltration, said that the US agency has used sophisticated weapons to carry out cyber attacks and cyber espionage against 45 countries across the world, including China and Russia, for over ten years.

The Chinese ministry also accused the North American country of forcing its tech companies to cooperate.

The US forcefully implanted backdoors into the devices, software, and applications of the technology companies, it said.

By using these methods, the US achieved the monitoring and theft of data at a global scale, according to the ministry.

The Chinese ministry said that cyberspace was increasingly becoming a new battlefield for safeguarding national security.

Without cybersecurity, there was no national security nor a stable functioning economy and society, it added.

There have been bitter disputes between Washington and Beijing in recent years over Huawei’s alleged military ties, the global growth of Chinese mobile applications such as TikTok and Chinese companies’ access to American technology.

Recently, China denied having banned government officials and employees of state-owned companies from buying or using iPhones but said that it had noticed some “security issues” with the Apple devices. EFE