File photo of Field 2 of Real Madrid City, in Madrid, Spain. EFE/Chema Moya

Real Madrid youth players detained for spreading sex video of a minor have been released

Madrid, Sept 14 (EFE).- The three Real Madrid youth division players arrested on Thursday by the Civil Guard for spreading via Whatsapp a video of one of them having consensual sex with a 16-year-old minor have been released after all the data in their cell phones was collected.

According to Guardia Civil sources, a fourth person is under investigation but has not been arrested.

The events took place in Gran Canaria, one of the islands of the Spanish archipelago off the Atlantic coast of Northwest Africa, at the beginning of the summer and were reported to the Civil Guard on 6 September by the girl’s mother.

The report states that the sex was consensual, but not the recording or its circulation.

A court ordered the Civil Guard to bring in several people, all adults, who belonged to Real Madrid’s youth teams.

Sources close to the investigation have informed EFE that the arrests were made for a suspected crime of disclosure of secrets of a sexual nature and not for assault, since the relationship was consensual, but not the dissemination of the recordings.

Real Madrid released a statement on Thursday saying that it “will take the appropriate measures” when it has “detailed knowledge” of what happened.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, said through the social network X (formerly Twitter) that “the dissemination of sexual images without consent is a type of sexual violence, as recognized by the ‘Only yes means yes’ law.”

Montero has condemned the alleged dissemination of videos of sexual content by the three youth players. “Spain has said #SeAcabó (It’s over): we have an obligation to not look the other way and guarantee all rights to all women,” she wrote.

The Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez, also reacted on her X profile: “Recording sexual content without consent is a form of sexual violence. So is distributing it. The law ‘Only yes means yes’ establishes this and also protects the rights of women and girls who have suffered this violence.

The crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets punishes the dissemination of private images without the authorization of the person concerned, when their privacy is seriously violated, even if they gave their consent to the recording at the time.

The penalty is from three months to one year in prison and if the victim is a minor, it will be applied in its upper half. EFE.