Palestinian mouners attend the funeral of Nael Dwikat at Rojeb village near the West Bank city of Nablus, 18 October 2023. EFE-EPA/ALAA BADARNEH

Hamas accuses Biden of echoing Israeli narrative on Gaza hospital bombing

Jerusalem, Oct 18 (EFE).- Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group controlling war-torn Gaza, has accused US President Joe Biden of blindly supporting Israel’s narrative on a hospital bombing that killed hundreds in the besieged enclave.

Israel disputes the casualty figures from the Al Ahli hospital attack in Gaza City, asserting its military had no role in the bombing.

During his visit to Israel, President Biden stated that the bombing was not Israel’s doing but didn’t name any specific group.

In a statement on Wednesday, Hamas alleged that the US government was echoing Israel’s narrative to bolster Israel’s stance in what the group called a campaign of extermination and brutal massacres in Gaza by the Israeli military.

Hamas alleged that the Israeli army caused the “carnage” at the hospital, claiming it may not be the last such incident in Gaza.

The militant group contended that President Biden espousing the Israeli narrative regarding the hospital confirmed US government bias in favor of the occupation.

The Gaza health ministry, under Hamas control, reported 500 deaths after the hospital explosion.

According to the Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari, the explosion was caused by the rocket’s warhead in the hospital courtyard, with no significant structural damage.

Hagari noted that during the ongoing conflict, about 450 rockets launched from Gaza accidentally landed within the enclave, causing some casualties but no significant destruction or hundreds of fatalities.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has also vlamed Israel for the bombing, calling it “a heinous war crime.”

“We will do everything necessary to stop the bloodbath in Gaza and in the West Bank,” he said. EFE