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Erdogan vows to expose Israel’s ‘war crimes’ in Gaza at massive rally

Istanbul, Turkey, Oct 28 (EFE). – Turkey is preparing to “expose Israel’s war crimes (in Gaza) to the international community,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed Saturday during a massive demonstration of solidarity with Palestine in Istanbul.

“Israel’s flagrant violations of international law have continued for 22 days. Israel, be prepared to face global recognition as a war criminal,” Erdogan told a crowd of more than 100,000 people at Istanbul’s old airport.

“The West is not even declaring a cease-fire. How many more children, how many more women have to die before you announce a cease-fire?” the president asked during his speech, which was broadcast live on numerous television channels.

Erdogan compared the deaths in Gaza caused by Israeli bombings, in response to the October 7 attack by the Islamist militia Hamas, to the Holocaust and the atomic bombs of World War II, attributing responsibility to the “West.”

In his speech, Erdogan emphasized Turkey’s independence and greatness as the heir to the Ottoman Empire, which included not only Syria and the Balkans, but also Gaza, he recalled.

“Why don’t those of you who cried for the dead in Ukraine raise your voices for those who are dying in Gaza? Hey, West: Do you want to ignite a new struggle of the crescent against the cross?”

If that is your intention, know that “this nation has not died, it is still standing,” the president warned.

He also recalled Tuesday’s speech, in which he declared that “Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a group of freedom fighters,” assuring that this “has troubled Israel a lot.”

Erdogan described as “unfortunate” the attitude of the Turkish opposition, which he said recognizes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is a terrorist, but they say Hamas is too.

Erdogan concluded his speech by reiterating his proposal to declare an immediate ceasefire, to act quickly to release the hostages held by Hamas, to establish a humanitarian corridor to supply the population of Gaza, to end the Zionist “settler terror” in the West Bank, and to establish a peace agreement guaranteed by third countries. EFE iut/mcd