A view of the Iskander M missile in a hangar of the "Patriot Park" on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, on 23 January 2019. EFE-EPA FILE/Sergei Chirikov

Russia launches drone, missile attack on Ukraine’s Odesa

Kyiv, Nov 6 (EFE).- Five people were injured as Russia attacked the center of Odesa with missiles and drones, leaving several buildings and equipment dedicated to grain export damaged, the head of the Military Administration of the Odesa region, Oleg Kiper, said on Telegram on Monday.

On Sunday night, a missile hit the center of Odesa and an industrial building that was no longer in use, Kiper said in his post, which also carried several photos of damaged infrastructures.

Several homes and the Odesa National History Museum built more than 120 years ago were also damaged in the attack, he said.

The drones launched against port infrastructure damaged or destroyed a warehouse, equipment for unloading merchandise, and vehicles loaded with grain, the Ukrainian official added.

Kiper did not give the total number of drones launched by Russia targeting the port city but claimed that 15 unmanned devices were shot down in the region by Ukrainian air defenses.

The attack occurred between 10pm and 11pm, a few hours earlier than usual. Russia usually launches these attacks at night or dawn.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that its defenses shot down a Kh-59 missile and a total of 15 drones launched by Russia against Ukrainian territory on Sunday night.

Russian forces launched a total of 22 drones from occupied Crimea, it added.

Russia attacked Ukraine with Onyx and Iskander-M missiles, also launched from occupied Crimea. EFE